How to Join?

Head over to the Contact Us page and send us an email to arrange a meet and greet session. We look forward to showing you around our facilities, giving you all the necessary information, and answer any questions which you may have.

Pico sailing in evening sunshine


What will I need to get on the water?


Purpose designed sailing clothing can be expensive and is not necessary to start sailing with us.

Outerwear – We have a wide variety of Wetsuits and Buoyancy Aids available for use to keep you warm and safe.

Base layer Wear underwear or swimming wear, thermal or synthetic material long sleeved shirt/leggings underneath if you have them, they will help keep you warm when on the water.

Footwear – Old trainers with socks or thermal socks are ideal as your feet may well get wet. Please do not wear wellingtons or hard sole shoes.

Change of Clothes and Towel Make sure you have a complete change of clothes/footwear and don’t forget a towel. Our hot showers will be available after sailing.

Glasses If you need to wear glasses we strongly advise that you use a length of cord/elastic or head strap to keep them secure. They could very easily get knocked off and lost overboard!

New members are always welcome, whatever their age, ability or sailing experience. Younger sailors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. We try to offer all potential sailors the ability to get on the water without significant financial outlay.